Video Marketing


Video is an incredibly powerful medium – much more engaging than text and images. If a picture tells a thousand words, a video tells the whole story. Actually, it’s better than a story. Video has the power to make your audience laugh or cry – helping your message stick in the hearts and minds of viewers and get shared between friends. As any marketer will tell you – triggering an emotional response in potential customers means you are more likely to make a sale or promote your service.

The UK’s Advertising Industry agrees:

Not only does online video have reach, influence and persuasiveness; its versatility is well suited to the B2B world. As video engages and stimulates different senses, it’s perfect for conveying complex information simply. Video can also give a business credibility, inspire confidence and increase transparency – which is not only valuable for sales and lead generation, but for reaching suppliers, employees and prospective recruits. Doing this effectively can contribute to the strength of a business’s brand, direction and reputation – which in turn generates (and safeguards) sales. IAB White Paper, 2011


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