Moving Content helps clients conceive, create and distribute the kind of compelling content that generates interest, drives traffic and helps brands build meaningful and long term relationship with their audience. By combining prize-winning photography with state of the art video technology, we are able to offer highly creative and full HD cinematic film content at an affordable cost.

We love telling stories and also work on a range of documentary and narrative projects.

Moving Content is headed up by Norman Lomax, a photographer who has always been a frustrated film maker. However, the costs of film production have always been prohibitive. Then video came along. Norman made some promotional films and was involved in some interactive narrative experiments for TV but was never really happy with the ‘look’ of video. In the past couple of years there has been a revolution in digital camera design and capabilities. (see blog) which allows traditional film techniques and photographic skills to be employed to produce very high quality content at unprecedented low cost. This means that clients can obtain the same look and feel as ‘advertising heavyweights’ who can spend extraordinary amounts of money producing their commercials and PR films. The other recent revolution is the rise of the effectiveness of video as a marketing tool. The statistics speak for themselves, no wonder 68% of top 50 internet retailers use video on their sites. (see blog)

Moving Content has been established to allow clients to take advantage of the power of high quality imagery to tell the story behind an idea, product or service and to form relationships with your target audience.


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